The Letter Game

Every so often, I will review a movie beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Please feel free to contact me with requests for specific films. Also, don’t hesitate to send your suggestions for movies to be reviewed even if they do not follow the Letter Game: we are always looking for new suggestions.

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The following are the films I have reviewed as part of the letter game to date:

Beginning February 2012
A: Anonymous
B: Brothers
C: The Crying Game
D: The Devil’s Double
E: The Elephant in the Living Room
F: Faust
G: Goya’s Ghosts
H: Hugo
I: I Heart Huckabees
J: Junebug
K: King Ralph
L: The Lost Weekend
M: Mad Max
N: Night and Fog
O: Oh, God!

July 2011-January 2012
A: Arthur
B: Bruce Almighty
C: Citizen Kane
D: Deep Blue Sea
E: An Education
F: The Fisher King
G: Giant
H: Hostel
I: In the Electric Mist
J: Junior
K: Kramer vs. Kramer
L: The Lovely Bones
M: M
N: The Negotiator
O: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
P: The Perfect Host
Q: The Quiet American
R: The Rules of Attraction
S: Sunset Boulevard
T: Tru Loved
U: The Undefeated
V: Velvet Goldmine
W: The Warriors
Y: You Don’t Know Jack
Z: Zoo

January-July, 2011
A: Afterschool
B: Balto
C: Cat Ballou
D: Dude, Where’s My Car?
E: Ed Wood
F: Fearless
G: Galiafinakis Double Feature: It’s Kind of a Funny Due Date
H: Hoop Dreams
I: Imagination
J: Julie & Julia
K: The Killer Inside Me
L: Lakeview Terrace
M: Megamind
N: Night Moves
O: The Orphanage
P: Pay It Forward
Q: Quills
R: The Rocker
S: Strangers on a Train
T: Tapeheads
U: Undertow
V: Vibes
W: Withnail & I
X: Xanadu
Y: You Don’t Mess With the Zohan
Z: Zardoz

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