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1. I can’t find the review I’m looking for! What’s the problem?

If you can’t find the review you’re looking for using the search bar, please use the Browse Reviews function instead, which will list them alphabetically by movie title. For some reason, the regular “search” function is sometimes entirely unhelpful and will not find movies that definitely have reviews. Also, be aware of possible alternate titles when searching by this method (e.g. it’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, not just “Benjamin Button”… not that I have a review for that on GTTM, but just for your edification I gave it 4 out of 5 stars when I saw it in the theater).

If the Browse Reviews function still does not reveal the review you are looking for, it’s entirely possible that I have not seen or reviewed the movie. If this is the case, go to the Letter Game tab on the main page and fill out the suggestion form. If I only have a short review from my Facebookian youth, I’ll forward it to you, or, if I have not seen the movie or feel that it’s time to give it a re-watch, I will try to see it soon and write a review entirely for your pleasure.

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