To GTTM Readers: An Apology

For those of you who may still be around, I want to apologize for my absence these past several months. I began attending law school in August 2012 and it has proven challenging and, more than anything, time consuming. I have not had the freedom to watch and review movies with the zeal that I previously had.

My love for film has not been diminished, and I will attempt to post reviews when I do have an opportunity. To save yourself time, become a fan of GTTM on Facebook or on Twitter (@gttmovies). I will link all new reviews at both of those locations so you’ll be sure to know if any new content is available.

Once things slow down, I hope to to re-commit myself to the Letter Game – which allowed me to view movies I would have otherwise avoided my entire life – and to watching and reviewing movies as a whole. Thank you for your patience during this time. New posts to GTTM may be slower, but will not cease completely.

Thank you for understanding.


Joshua D. Glasgow

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