MCT Live: ‘Gone With the Wind’

This is the Twitter feed for the first ever MCT Live (June 23rd, 2011), my live-blogging of watching one film I haven’t seen. I chose to start with Gone With the Wind as part of my goal to see every movie on the American Film Institute’s lists of “100 Years – 100 Movies”. Big thanks to everyone who played along. Would love to have you again!


MEIER_in_a_CT: Fifty minutes away from #MCTLive! I need to cook up some popcorn on the stove…

MEIER_in_a_CT: BTW, anyone else out there like me use a wok to make popcorn? If you don’t, you should – wonderful invention.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Mmmm – yup. The wok is the only way to go with home popcorn. MCT secret: It’s what I’m eating in my Twitter avy. #easteregg

MEIER_in_a_CT: The disc for #GoneWiththeWind (#GWTW) is officially in the DVD player! To those playing along: Hit ‘Play’ at 9:30 on the dot.

JohnZero83: Don’t forget to put in Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”!

MEIER_in_a_CT: Not a bad idea! That works with all films from ’39, right?

JohnZero83: Sounds like a job for Mythbusters.

MEIER_in_a_CT: LOL – Do I have your permission to publish your tweets for this tomorrow?*

* – (Sorry if I didn’t ask everybody in this post about permission, but I did warn you…)

JohnZero83: Sure. #randomfact Mom and I almost moved very close to the Tara plantation site, before deciding to move to Virginia Beach.

MEIER_in_a_CT: 6 minutes! Drink up the last of that energy drink!*

* – (I started the 233-min. movie at 9:30 PM)

JohnZero83: This is, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, right?

MEIER_in_a_CT: I noticed there’s an inactive, unused account for @MCTLive. Poor soul’ll be confused if he/she returns.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Pressing Play…. NOW!

MEIER_in_a_CT: … to go to an overture. Shoulda seen that coming…


MEIER_in_a_CT: These actors are all still alive, right? … Right?!?*

* – (Olivia de Havilland – who played Millie – is still alive. She was born July 1, 1916.)

MEIER_in_a_CT: Ah, Hattie…

gttmovies: That movie’s that bad, huh? RT @MEIER_in_a_CT “These actors are still alive, right? … Right?!?”

MEIER_in_a_CT: For your comedy pleasure, totally racist slave banter!

JohnZero83: Wait until she explains Midiclorians to Rhett.

MEIER_in_a_CT: I believe that old man did all those horse stunts like I believe Scarlett’s dress is too small.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Oh Lord… More spoiled girls…

MEIER_in_a_CT: “Hey! No thinking out loud! We’re mumble-praying now!”

MEIER_in_a_CT: Mammy should’ve just let her starve and be miserable.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Billy Zane in muttonchops??*

* – (Referring to Kennedy)

MEIER_in_a_CT: Enter RHETT, being a creeper.

MEIER_in_a_CT: “I’ll love you, just as I do now, untill I die.” I smell foreshadowing…

MEIER_in_a_CT: Wake up, cats! U iz skwaunderink tyme!

(My sad attempt at LOLcats humor.)

JohnZero83: Keep a close eye out for Sam Jackson and Christopher Walken cameos.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Jeez, Rhett, party foul… Arrogance. Indeed!

MEIER_in_a_CT: Enter RHETT, hiding in a couch, again being a creeper.

(He looked like he’d been napping but then revealed he eavesdropped.)

MEIER_in_a_CT: BTW, no one takes a slap like the Captain. Statuesque.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Excitement and chaos. That’s just what it’s like at the Rumsfelds when war is announced.

MEIER_in_a_CT: The Captain dies of MEASLES? I take back what I said about the slap.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Yeah, I hate it when widows show up at social gatherings. Such Debbie Downers.

gttmovies: No, WEASELS! The Captain was set upon by hundreds of voracious weasels!


MEIER_in_a_CT: Why isn’t Olivia de Havilland the role of Scarlett? Clearly more talented than Leigh.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Snark dancing with shallow. They were made for each other.

MEIER_in_a_CT: “You should be kissed and often.” Correct past tense verb?

MEIER_in_a_CT: “Some small town called Gettysburg.” Get ready to feel deep thoughts, Civil War veterans in the audience!

MEIER_in_a_CT: I got confused about which captain. Cap’n Takes-a-Smack lives on to torment O’Hara!

MEIER_in_a_CT: Poor, poor Scarlett. Presumed happy with big-eared Rhett. #spareme

MEIER_in_a_CT: If TV soaps had this kind of cinematography… No, they’d still be getting canceled today.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Rhett’s mystery lady in pink Belle… Okay then.

MEIER_in_a_CT: The guy who’s leg is being removed is the best actor so far.

JohnZero83: He’s not acting.

(I laughed hard at that.)

MEIER_in_a_CT: I think that guy saying “YAAAAY-hoooo!” was Slim Pickens riding a bomb.

MEIER_in_a_CT: That old doctor’s top hat is AWESOME!

MEIER_in_a_CT: Oh good, Lt. Hooks from ‘Police Academy’ knows how to help with baby deliveries

JohnZero83: Morgan Freeman cameo in 3.. 2..

MEIER_in_a_CT: I know it’s only ’39, but I wish these update captions were ‘Star Wars’ style.

JohnZero83: Did I mention midiclorians?

MEIER_in_a_CT: What a bunch of lazy extras, all just lying around….*

* – (Those who have seen the film should know exactly which part this is I’m being facetious about…)

MEIER_in_a_CT: Prissy’s getting the short end of the stick here. 2500 pts docked from O’Hara for striking her.

MEIER_in_a_CT: The newborn is an excellent mute-crier!

MEIER_in_a_CT: Scavenger-fire scene. I’m beginning to think #GWTW is the ‘Titanic’ of its time, & by that I mean “producer’s masterpiece.”

MEIER_in_a_CT: Rhett kisses O’Hara against her will then laughs her frustration off. What a lucky gal. #spareme

MEIER_in_a_CT: No compassion for the whipped dead horse, Scarlett? (Symbolism of her self-centeredness?)

(No – just further emphasis.)

MEIER_in_a_CT: It wasn’t racist – O’Hara didn’t believe Mammy about her dead mother because Mammy is a notorious liar. Read the book.

(I have not read the book.)

MEIER_in_a_CT: “As God as my witness, I’ll never be hungry again!” So THAT’S why it’s such a famous line – it’s pro-BBQ! #andprocarrots

MEIER_in_a_CT: And with that, we go to the intermission. I’ll let it play out, then wait 10 minutes before starting Side B.

mommameier: OK I have a twitter account now. Don’t really know how to use it, but I can read your tweets. Measles killed a lot of people

(A: Welcome! You’ll get used to it. B: I figured as much for back then.)

mommameier: Mammy DID lie a lot. Scarlett thought of NO ONE but herself. Comparison to Titanic is RIGHT ON.

JohnZero83: Don’t forget to sit through the credits for an Avengers teaser.


MEIER_in_a_CT: To quote @MrWordsWorth “…and ACTION!” Side B starts now.

MEIER_in_a_CT: … to “ENTR’ACTE”… They keep getting me off guard…

MEIER_in_a_CT: “SHERMAN!” That troublemaker! (Who?)

mommameier: General Sherman – Union Army. Marched through Georgia burning everything in sight. In South his name was a curse word.

(I’m actually really happy she chimed in with that.)

MEIER_in_a_CT: Scarlett “The Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot” O’Hara.#enoughwiththeslaps

MEIER_in_a_CT: Welcome to Act II. Here’s a guy getting shot in the face. (Hope you didn’t confuse this showroom for ‘Wizard of Oz’)

MEIER_in_a_CT: Wait… the South SURRENDERS?? Toying with history like ‘Inglourious Basterds’! #somewillthinkthatstrue

JohnZero83: And sleep…hopefully. Good luck with Act II

MEIER_in_a_CT: Capt. Takes-a-Lickin,-Keeps-on-Tormenting-Scarlett Ash returns. Wish he came back like ‘Evil Dead’ Ash #chainsawhand

MEIER_in_a_CT: It’d make chopping wood way easier! #chainsawhand

mommameier: Yup – Robt. E Lee formally surrendered in Virginia. BTW Victor Jory who played Jonas (Field overseer) was Jon Jory’s dad.*

*- (Relevant because while in high school I met Jon Jory and later in life performed in a play at the Victor Jory Theater in Actor’s Theater of Louisville.)

MEIER_in_a_CT: Ash and Scarlett kiss. Honor goes out the barn door. Actor playing Ash doesn’t play confusion well.

MEIER_in_a_CT: “Your father’s turned idiot!” I like that – “turned idiot.” I want a chance to use that.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Gerald the father dies falling off a horse. Speeding kills.

MEIER_in_a_CT: I don’t know what makes Rhett a creeper more – his pencil-thin ‘stache or that he always smiles like he’s hiding something.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Rhett’s upset Scarlett got tough worker’s hands. Most acting Gable’s done the whole movie. #revelationsafterdeath

(I read somewhere that Clark Gable was secretly bisexual. This may be false – didn’t bother to fact-check.)

MEIER_in_a_CT: “40 acres and a mule!” Suddenly Spike Lee’s production company is far less weird! #KIDDING

MEIER_in_a_CT: Scarlett marries into the Kennedy family, just like Schwarzenegger. (I’m sure that’s never been said before.)

MEIER_in_a_CT: Re: slaves “That’s different. We didn’t treat them that way.” Whatever helps you sleep at night, 1939.

MEIER_in_a_CT: I’m Team Big Sam!

MEIER_in_a_CT: Big Sam: Dismisses potential rapists with a single hip-toss!

MEIER_in_a_CT: Rhett’s condescension towards Scarlett holds her back from being the great woman she could be. Oh, and her deceit does too.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Awesome top hatted doctor drunk. Great stuff. 🙂

AmyHorton18: @MEIER_in_a_CT, you seem to be quite entertained…haha…

MEIER_in_a_CT: Wounded Ash at Belle’s brothel awkwardness capped by Rhett’s announcement of Kennedy’s death. Made it through the scene!

MEIER_in_a_CT: @AmyHorton18 This is more fun than I thought it would be! Definitely doing this again!*

* – (Big announcement at the end of all this…)

MEIER_in_a_CT: Hattie flees Rhett when he says she doesn’t like him. Don’t blame her.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Rhett sees through the REALLY SMART cologne trick Scarlett pulls to hide whiskey breath. He knows from experience I bet.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Don’t you hate jokers that think they’re far funnier than they actually are? Like Leno, Drew Carey, Rhett… (Me…)


MEIER_in_a_CT: Rhett and Scarlett get engaged. I would’ve thrown things at the screen if I were able to stop rolling my eyes.

mommameier: Aw c’mon! It’s the Empire State Bldg moment (Sleepless in Seattle) of GWTW!

(True, it is, but Rhett and Scarlett are far more unfortunately flawed characters than Hanks and Ryan in Sleepless. Besides, Scarlett’s judgment could have been influenced by the alcohol. Sorry, I don’t see their romantic relationship as one to root for.)

(At this point, Twitter had overcapacity problems on my end. Though I couldn’t actively post, I continued writing my thoughts and posted them later when everything was functional again. Unfortunately but understandably, in my online silence, the MCT Live followers signed off.)

mommameier: Can’t stay awake any longer. Will read tomorrow.

MEIER_in_a_CT: New Orleans, back home, plantation plans, pregnancy,… This flick went into overdrive!

MEIER_in_a_CT: Rhett gets mad at Scarlett about “no son” stance. Oh the pride.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Rhett’s a good provider as father, I’ll give him that…

MEIER_in_a_CT: Hattie McDaniel’s performance is a study of loyalty & commitment to a character. I mean that.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Once again, Scarlett creates awkwardness. On the plus side, Millie gets wise. #yougogirl

MEIER_in_a_CT: Rhett drunkenly threatens to crush Scarlett’s skull. Belle’s used to that. Threatens to shave his upper lip.

MEIER_in_a_CT: D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Y’don’t say!

MEIER_in_a_CT: Rhett is going to take his daughter to see Willy Wonka tomorrow…

MEIER_in_a_CT: Pregnant Scarlett falls down the stairs! Damn! More real than the face shot!

(This one was RT’d by an account called “iHealthyRecipes”….. I think someone’s bot is on the fritz.)

MEIER_in_a_CT: Bonnie dies the same way as Gerald! Now the drama’s in overdrive!

(Bonnie is the small Butler child.)

MEIER_in_a_CT: Now Millie’s dying. Suddenly Scarlett wants to be her friend again.#orforthe1sttime

MEIER_in_a_CT: After Millie dies, Rhett says his “don’t give a damn” line before vamoosing for good. Off to ruin someone else’s life.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Scarlett makes another pledge: To devote her days trying to win Hubby # 3 back. Tomorrow is another day. Sad stuff.

MEIER_in_a_CT: Selznick ends it with his fave silhouette shot – one more time for good measure. Cue exit music. Civilization = #GoneWithTheWind

MEIER_in_a_CT: Thank you, everyone who followed #MCTLive tonight! I’d say it was a success and enhanced my viewing! Now a big announcement…

MEIER_in_a_CT: Next August #MCTLive will do#SinginInTheRain! GN, everybody!

(Date may change depending on if I decide to do this once every month or every two months. Regardless, it WILL be Singin’ in the Rain! Check back for updates.)

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